Accidents can get messy. And when someone with little to no experience handles it all, information is easily muddled. Getting an attorney may be your best bet in a serious situation. Here are some questions to start asking yourself before hiring an accident attorney in West Palm Beach:

How Many Parties?

If more than one party is involved, there are now multiple sides to the story. While with a minor accident, the exchange of information is fairly simple. But, having multiple parties complicates things more. An attorney works to keep things clear and easier to manage.

Are There Any Injuries?

If you or someone else involved is injured – even if not severely – during an accident, contact an accident attorney in West Palm Beach. Your injuries may result in some sort of compensation or settlement. Will you be missing work for a prolonged period? Also, if your actions resulted in someone else getting hurt, they can file a claim against you. Protect yourself and have someone on your side during that time.

Do You Have Insurance?

Florida is a no-fault state. Every vehicle owner carries their auto insurance or has it under someone else. Your insurance should cover any repairs or injury-related costs. But, if you do not have insurance, that proposes some issues. An accident attorney can guide you through the court system, should that be the path your situation goes down.

do i need an accident attorney in west palm beach if i'm injured

Was There a Death?

Obviously, if there is a death, this is a very serious situation. Things can get messy and an attorney can assist you through the process, whether you are the victim or not. An attorney is there to help you get through otherwise confusing and difficult times and legal jargon, and hopefully, protect you and your interests.

Is the Police Report Accurate?

If you recognize any discrepancies in the police report, you need the help of an attorney. There’s a good chance it was an accident, but your reputation and assets are too important to risk.

Are You Looking for an Accident Attorney in West Palm Beach?

If you’ve been in an accident and looking for an accident attorney in West Palm Beach, Palm Beach Law may be able to help you. Contact us today with any inquiries.