Has someone you loved recently passed away? If yes, then you may need to apply for probate. Probate is the legal process in which a deceased person’s estate is properly distributed to heirs and designated beneficiaries and any debts owed to creditors are paid off. Generally speaking, probate property is distributed according to the decedent’s last will and testament, if there is one, or according to Florida state law if no will exists. Many people believe that applying for probate is daunting and complicated, but it can actually be simple with the right trust and estate attorney in Palm Beach. What exactly is the probate process? Keep reading to find out.

6 Steps to Apply for Probate

  1. Someone is appointed to administer the estate, which is typically named in the will and is called an executor. If there is no will or executor named in the will, the probate court will appoint someone.
  2. The will is proven valid in court and follows all Florida state requirements.
  3. The decedent’s property is identified and inventoried.
  4. Properties are appraised.
  5. All funeral and estate expenses, debts, and taxes must be paid from the estate.
  6. The remaining assets are distributed according to the will or, if the decedent did not leave a will, under state laws. 

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